Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Final Self Evaluation

I have written 10 (or 11) blog posts since the last evaluation period.  I have written 2 every week.  I didn’t know that the purpose of the video was to have us speak in front of the camera so I asked Casey from the ORC to help me create that post.  I posted 26 comments on other posts.  My goal for this period was to write a little riskier posts to try to get conversations going.  It seemed that I was a little late on trying this because I think that people got sick of commenting by the end of the semester.  It was still a good learning experience to put my opinion out to the public.  The religion one is a very controversial topic and I get the feeling that most of the people in our class don’t believe in anything at all so it was scary to put my beliefs on the line.  I also had the writer of Dean’s Corner post on my blog!! I know that many others had many outside people posting on their blogs but I’m glad I got at least one outsider to find my post. 

This was a good experience.  I think we should’ve started reading the Don’t Be Such a Scientist earlier in the semester instead of some of the less useful readings that we did.  I don’t like the writer because he has a little bit of an annoying style of writing but overall I think we can learn a lot from the book. 

This class has probably been one of the most frustrating classes that I have taken so far but I hope that it’ll turn out to be a good “learning experience”.  Although I don’t think I will ever blog about science, I might do it for my personal use.  I’m glad I’ve learned what a blog is and how to set one up.  Goodbye blog

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